Ceiling and vault insulation

For ceilings a technological solution similar to floor insulation can be applied - ranging from a bare final surface without thermal insulation to a sophisticated sandwich of hydro insulation, thermal insulation and the final layer. In most cases, all is insulated only by tar paper occasionally followed by application of floor polystyrene or mineral rock wool covered by concrete finishing layer or various floor boards. Sometimes only the concrete coating is used. The floor polystyrene is not a bad quality material but… Do you know its compressive strength and can you rely on the theoretical durability (life time) stated by the producers? Not mentioning other insecurity. The simplest and one of the cheapest solutions is A-GLASS foam glass. A-GLASS foam glass can be used in all places where you can lose more than 15 centimeters. Ideally it is 40 centimeters which is the standard width for buildings labeled as the Passive house. In case that the space considered is smaller than 15 centimeters, use a different material.

And how about the application? After the final preparation of the base, line the whole place including the perimeter walls with geotextile fabric. After that you can apply the A-GLASS foam glass (ideally in BIG-BAG, the weight is only 150 kg/m3). Spread it out and lightly compress with a plate compactor. Then repeat covering the whole area with geotextile fabric and after that you can create the final floor. Such a procedure can be used under concrete floors as well as under wooden floors (on a lath grid) and board type floors (OSB, MDF, CETRIS or RIGIDUR). With the board floors we recommend the use of geotextile fabric with a density 500 g/m2 to create a sound separation layer on the foam glass foundations – simply to prevent creaking of the boards. Furthermore, in unique buildings, such as clay and straw houses you can even apply an earthen (adobe) floor on A-GLASS foam glass foundations.

Vaults are rather complicated for other materials. For instance, how to smoothly and easily fill the space between the arch and the floor layer above the vault with only polystyrene or rock wool? And with A-GLASS foam glass it is possible. A-GLASS foam glass is in fact lightened gravel therefore it is an ideal material for that. If you are planning to build a wine cellar under your house use A-GLASS foam glass to build a vault that will make all your neighbours or friends a little jealous. With A-GLASS foam glass you will get a beautiful, stylish, dry and thermally insulated cellar.

And the installation is similar to all other applications.